Sexoleil DVD (NC)

18-24 Films
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At the beach a young man wonders upon two young men sunbathing. After some talking the three get down to business pulling out their oversized uncut meat and taking turns sucking each other off. One young man sucks off another while he is being rimmed. The hairy hunk nuts a huge load on himself. Two twinks find a secluded spot and make love. After kissing, the blonde has his huge cock meat sucked off and returns the favor. The blonde twink finger fucks and eats out his partner's butthole before sitting back in a chair and jacking off. Three twinks seduce each other and take turns sucking each other off. The handsome brunette gets fucked while sucking off the other. After a brutal assault on the brunette's ass he jacks his partner's cum load on his face. Soon he is followed by the other who nuts his load on the brunette's pretty face. The brunette then nuts all over himself.

In a hotel, five young men hold an orgy. While feasting on each other the handsome brunette gets butt fucked. The three move into a daisy chain and, one by one, nut all over the hotel room. An Asian twink gets several dildos shoved up his butt and fucked. The young Asian jacks off and nuts a gallon of cum on himself after the brutal assault on his butthole. Another threeway and horse hung meat being sucked off leads to a brunette planting his butthole on one's cock and fucking himself while having a dildo shoved down his throat. The brunette gets hand jacked and squirts all over the place as the other two nut all over the handsome young man. At the end of the video you are treated to five newcomers as they give interviews and strip and play with themselves and finally jack off. Some showing an awesome display of how to shoot your load.

Eric, Ricky, Alex, Anthony, Franck, Dany, Karim 
K. Kravens
Verenigde Staten van Amerika
18-24 Films
120 minuten

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