Skin Deep part 1 DVD

Kristen Bjorn
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The world is full of dangers! A villa full of mafiosos offers it’s protection service to ensure that no misfortune befalls it’s unfortunate clients. Studly Etienne Cendras as Sir, rules his underlings with an iron hand; they must obey every command, and belong entirely to him. In this cruel underworld, love is forbidden. Here, submission and sexual coercion are the order of the day. Sir’s right leg is completely covered by tattoos, each of which represents a person Sir has had rubbed out. As Sir always says, beauty is only skin deep, but vengeance goes all the way to the bone. Sir always reminds his underlings that he has plenty of blank space left on his skin for those who disobey him. At the villa there are servants to fulfill every need. Sir says that they must display many years of loyalty before they can become one of the gang. Until then, they are at the gang’s full disposal to be used at any time for the gang’s pleasure. Amazing groupal sex scenes, manly and muscled guys, a crazy story to be told: „Skin Deep“ has what a story needs to turn into a classic from Kristen Bjorn!
Alex Ribeiro, Armando Del Toro, Bruno Jones, Daniel Marvin, Erik Demko, Etienne Cendras, Harry Louis, Hugo Martin, Jean Franko, Pedro Andreas, Renzo Belli, Ricardo Safado, Rocco Banks, Rodrigo Ferrais 
Kristen Bjorn
Verenigde Staten van Amerika
Kristen Bjorn
120 minuten

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